Boating Tips for Beginners

Boating is an entertaining activity used by many people during their leisure time. It is essential for an individual to have information on safe boating for full enjoyment of the activity. In the US, there has been an increase in the number of people using boats for recreation purposes. There are over 12 million US citizens who own a boat for fun and sports purposes. The following are the tips that will assist a beginner to use the boat safely.

Wear a life jacket

It is crucial for a beginner to have life jackets that facilitate floating once you fall in the water. A quality life jacket is needed during boating for safety during the activity. Boating is an activity that is mostly done for leisure where people have little knowledge about the activity. The life jackets are used to protect an individual from the worse scenarios in case the boat capsizes. In the US children, less than 13 years are required to use life jackets even if you are not a beginner in boating – take a look on small craft boat size.

Speed limit

The speed limit is aimed at ensuring that there is a safe riding of the boat on the sea or any other water body. The boating is done on large water bodies requiring one to consider riding using the stated speed limit for a smooth flow of operations during the activity. The speed limits vary depending on the location to consider the people on the harbor and other people using the sea for boating. The speed limit for boats is between 6 to 8 knots where the driver is supposed to provide a safe riding to the users. The speedometer of the boat should be accurate for increased enjoyment of the activity.

Avoid boating in rough waters

The rough waters may cause the boat to capsize thus requires the beginners to avoid the rough waters. It is essential to consider the water that you intend to navigate for increased enjoyment of the activity. Rough waters may cause fear to an individual which may lead to fatalities. Rough waters are dangerous which requires an individual to have a proper understanding of the weather and the sea. A guide is needed when a beginner intends to drive the boat in rough seas.

Avoid alcohol and substance abuse

It is illegal for one to ride a boat while drunk as it reduces the ability to concentrate in the sea. The blood alcohol limit is required to be below 0.08% for a smooth flow of operations during the drive. Boating is a leisure activity where people tend to use alcohol and other substances during the enjoyment. The use of alcohol while boating could lead to huge fines and jail term to the driver.

Have a distress signal

The distress signal is used to seek for help in case of an emergency while driving in the sea. It is essential for an individual to have a proper understanding of the sea and weather to reduce cases of accidents during the drive. Marine flares are used to offer the needed signals while boating. The first aid kit is needed to assist save a life before an individual reach the land.